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Getting your book into the world & making an IMPACT should be filled with excitement, not the looming question of HOW...

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This 5-Day Facebook live series is designed for the want-to-be-author, ready to discover HOW to write a book that changes lives, and grow a meaningful business as a thought-leader in the process. What you're going to learn:

  • How to write a book that will change the world
  • How Book Marketing can be fun & Genuine, EVERYTHING they aren't telling you
  • An action plan to build & grow a purpose-driven business
  • Get FREE access to our writers' circle so you can collaborate with other authors & thought-leaders


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I honestly spent MONTHS reading every article I could find online about publishing and still felt lost on what to do and when and how and OMG the number of questions had my head spinning. This training...MADE. IT. EASY.

Hilary Paul


It's Time For Your Story Change Someone's Life 

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May  16th-20th  8 PM Eastern