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Collaborative Author Books 

Learn how working together can be more fun & more profitable than writing alone. If you think writing an entire book is overwhelming & daunting, consider writing a chapter in collaboration & get your authorship toes wet. 

Last year we supported 64 women to become authors by writing chapters in Collaborative books. *most of them were first-time authors & now some of them are writing their own books.  



We are on a mission to support 10,000 women to become successfully published authorprenereurs & thought leaders. Collaborative books are an opportunity for women who have always wanted to write to take the first meaningful step, & hold a book that they co-authored. By working in community you forge bonds, grow both skill & confidence, & have a book to show for it at the end. 

How to tell your story & draft your writing

You get weekly writing support teaching you how to choose the right stories to tell, how to craft your chapters & get regular peer editing to hone your craft.  

The essentials of the Publishing Process

You will get professional final copy & proof editing to make sure your chapter is as professional as possible, we take care of formatting, cover design, book positioning & publishing. 

Marketing & Visibility

We teach you how to position yourself as an expert, build an offer & how to launch your book into the public eye *to rank well, & get your book into the hands of the people who need it. Learn how to show up for your mission & message. 

Red Thread


Most would describe me as a mother, author, and business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Let's get your voice harnessed to share your mission & message with the world & especially those who need to hear what you have to offer.

Join us in our next collaborative project, write your story & reenvision yourself as you transform into an author & much more. 

"I learned so much from writing in a collaborative that now I am writing & publishing my first solo-book."

Judy Granlee-Gates, Author of Spark

"I had always wanted to be a writer, but never knew where to start. With all the tools & strategies I learned from this community & process I am now an AUTHOR, I am building my business & living my life fuller than ever before."

Frances Trejo-Lay, Author of Sanctuary

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This process will change your life & career in more ways than one.