Draft Your Manuscript (Story Incubator)

How long have you been wanting to write your book?

What if we could get it done in the next 6-months?

We have a proven way. Women who have joined this have gone on to publish their books & even win prestigious awards. 

But the first step is DRAFT THE MANUSCRIPT. Join us & write your book!

Work at your own pace with 24/7 access: 

  • Cohort of fellow authors & peers
  • a Methodology that works for 1 or 100 books
    • 4-part cyclical process:
    • Big picture vision
    • Planning & outlining
    • Drafting tips to make it easy & fun
    • Self-editing processes to clarify your "shitty-first draft" (this is a term of endearment)
  • a drafted manuscript in 6-months or less if you follow the steps
  • 6-months access to the extensive training vault
  • Possibility of publishing with Red Thread Books & introductions to other publishing options
  • Bonus: Copy of Typo: The Art of Imperfect Creation Sierra's recent book, permission to do it badly.

& the needed LIVE HUMAN SUPPORT:

  • All of the above, PLUS
  • Weekly Live writing coaching sessions with Sierra Melcher
  • Fierce accountability to help you reach your goal
  • Four 1:1 writers sessions with Sierra Melcher
  • Full Developmental Edit- to get your manuscript ready for publication 
  • Bonus: special discounts & offers exclusive for our community
  • Mega BONUS: for a limited time Get published in our next Anthology book ($1,750 value) 
  • This Enters you to win the Solo Writer's Retreat Giveaway


[ Disclaimer: If you need more time we provide continued support on a monthly basis ]

Note from Sierra: 
The first time I sat down to write a book was 2006. That manuscript is still unfinished on a hard drive in my closet.
What stopped me? I didn't know what to do.
I just sat down & wrote. Eventually I got stuck.
10 years passed before I tried again.
What is your stuck story? I want to hear it SO we don't repeat mine.
I have figured it out & I want to share it with You.
I have published 12+ times since then...
My last book I wrote & published in less than 6 weeks.
The women who have taken this class have written, published & won awards.
Drafting the manuscript is the first step.
Do you need help getting unstuck?
Join us.


If you rather pay over time: Pay monthly $800 for 6 months.

But NOT INCLUDED in the monthly payment offer: Mega Bonus- (see above) Publish a chapter in our next Collaborative book. 


What People Are Saying [after being in the course for only a month!]:

This course helped me breakout of the limited mindset & structures.

Leslie- Winner of the Silver Nautilus Book Prize

Now I know I can write a book. Now I have hope.

Kim -Author of Bruised, But Never Broken

With this course you make so many discoveries about yourself, not just about the writing process.


I am not alone in my writing. We all struggle. And we are here to help one another.


$4,800.00 USD