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Media Savvy (with Forbes Journalist, Bianca Barratt)

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 **ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Bianca Barratt is a senior contributing journalist at Forbes Women. She has written for Vogue, Comopolitan, The Sunday Times & more. 

Having worked for years in the industry, she serves authors to learn how to build impactful relationships with media to spread their mission. Read articles by Bianca Barratt.

Course Curriculum

Intro - Why bother getting into the media?

  • The best way of generating leads, selling your book, becoming a trusted expert etc

Module One - What the media wants

  • Learn about the key pillars of getting media -  what kind of stories the media are looking for, what journalists want
  • Learn how the media works with authors and experts and become the expert they need
  • Creating a press kit

OUTCOME: Be media-savvy and know exactly how to appeal to journalists to get the best results for yourself

Module Two - Using your book as material

  • How to recycle ideas and stories from your book to use as pitches
  • How to create a press release of your book

OUTCOME: Build a bank of ideas that can easily be used as pitches, PLUS have a ready-to-go general press release about your book created 

Module Three - Targeting the media

  • Picking the right titles to target
  • Picking the right journalists to target
  • Creating a database

OUTCOME: Have a database of media titles/ podcasts etc and specific writers/ presenters etc within to target.

Module Four - Relationships

  • How to build a relationship with journalists and editors
  • Do’s and don’ts of contacting journalists

OUTCOME: Start building strong working relationships with a network of journalists

Module Five - Pitching

  • Nailing your book’s elevator pitch
  • How to write a killer pith using ideas from your book
  • How to find regular media opportunities
  • How to reach out monthly to your journalist network by responding to the news
  • Following up
  • Being prepared for when you get a YES!
  • Dealing with no-replies or rejection

OUTCOME: The ability to start pitching confidently on a regular basis and make your book and expertise a MUST to feature 

Module Six - Moving Forward

  • How to keep pitching your book after the initial publication cycle
  • How to build lasting relationships with journalists who feature you
  • Asset maintenance (ie keeping press release/ bio/ press kits)
  • DIY PR tasks to incorporate regularly into your work schedule

OUTCOME: Keep those relationships with journalists warm so that you can work together again in the future and keep creating opportunities for yourself so you can create more client leads and other related opportunities.

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