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Start the Year Strong 

You have always wanted to write but don't know where to start, or get stuck somewhere along the way. 

You are invited: Our fist workshop of the year 2024! Where we teach the most valuable lessons for authors & to craft their message ... 

Is this the year you FINALLY write your book?  

You know we are on a mission to support 10,000 folx become successful authorpreneurs & thought leaders. 

Step One is Draft the manuscript.

  • Learn the essentials of an impactful manuscript,
  • Learn how to get started
  • Discover a methodology that will get you to completion, with ease!
  • Navigate the Logistics & Emotions of telling your story
  • & much more.
This year we are offering our workshops for free because we believe in YOU & our mission that much. Raise your hand to confirm your spot. $150 value -- for free  **mark your calendar** you will get a confirmation email with the link. 


What if your book could be Drafted in 90-days? 

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60 minutes that will change how you write & create forever!

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