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Write your heart out in comfort with dedicated support & in community with passionate women, each with a story to tell. 

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Stories that Change Lives

Find Your voice. Write your story.


We believe in the power of women's voices & stories to change the world. We support women not only to write & publish their books but to really embrace their voice,

accelerate empowerment & reach global impact.

Because women matter.

Sierra Melcher, author & founder of @RedThreadPublishing, & our team will support you every step of the way. Sierra Melcher is a Best-selling author based in Colombia. She has supported hundreds of women to transform their lives for over 14 years & is highly regarded.

 This retreat will set you up to bring your writing project to life in a whole new way... & you will come to see yourself AS A WRITER!

Colombia IN October

We are having two opportunities to connect this year. Check out what is waiting for you here in Colombia... Claim one of ONLY 8 spots & start getting excited for this. 

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