Get started as an Author in a Collaborative Book 

Learn how working together can be more fun & more profitable than writing alone. If you think writing an entire book is overwhelming & daunting, consider writing a chapter in collaboration & get your authorship toes wet. 

Last year we supported 64 women to become authors by writing chapters in Collaborative books. *most of them were first-time authors & now some of them are writing their own books.  

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You are Ready to Write & Publish YOUR OWN BOOK 

Each book is as unique as the woman who writes it. Our three unique services support you at every stage. Within that container, we tailor the process: meeting you where you are... to reach your audience, book & Impact goals!

Write: Birth your Book

Draft your Manuscript in 6 months

You have been dreaming of writing this book for too long. Maybe you have started & gotten stuck. Now you are ready for the support & community to make the vision a reality. Work with our professional coaches & editors to make your non-fiction manuscript the best it can be.   Learn more.  

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Your Manuscript is drafted. Now you are ready to get your book into the hands of the people who need it & step into a position of AUTHORrity with a book as a powerful credibility foundation. Allow us to guide you through the process with our experienced team of professionals. *Spaces limited. 

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Impact: A Thriving Business & Marketing Strategy

The sky is the limit. You are ready for massive impact & visibility with your mission & message. You are ready to change the friggin' world. Your book is a fundamental piece, but you need the business foundations & savvy to really grow & a marketing strategy that won't quit! 

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What will your book do for your business or mission?

Booking a keynote, attracting ideal clients, gaining the visibility your mission deserves, helping you serve more people, supporting or changing the lives of your readers... 

Leader Books 

Learn how working together can be more fun & more profitable than doing anything alone. 

Watch the training & see how this can help you grow your IMPACT & Profit, while supporting other women to become published authors 

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Beyond the Book Course Series:

Each course is designed to address one of the core areas authors always seek more support in. After over a year of listening to the needs of our community, we are thrilled to release this world-class course series. 

Claim one or all four in a special discount bundle. **Some or all of these are also included in our publishing packages**

4 Course Bundle (save $3000)

Bestseller Bootcamp

How to ensure your book has the best chance of success in the market. 

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Course Building for Authors

Your book & course are the perfect match & really easy to create simultaneously. Learn how to optimize the momentum of one with the other. 

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Thought-Leaders: PR & Speaking

Speakers need books & authors need stages. Learn how to build your speaking career in alignment with your book. 

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Evergreen Sales for Authors

Book royalties will likely not be enough to retire on, but books can be quite profitable when paired with an effective strategy. Learn how to intentionally build out 7streams of business to grow while you share your mission & message with the world. 

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Join us weekly for the 4-part cycle that will not only change your writing but also your life. 

Every Tuesday at Noon eastern time. We explore the cycle that echos the phases of the moon.

  • New moon: Rest/Dream/Play
  • Waxing moon: Planning & outlining
  • Full moon: Doing/Writing/let it pour out
  • Waning moon: Revision/reflection

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