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4-Part Feminine Creation Process

creationprocess write writerscircle writing Feb 28, 2022

Hello my love's,

I am joining you from Red Thread Publishing. We are going to be sharing with you this entire month our four-part process that I teach in our weekly women's writers circle. By looking at all of the different elements and components that make writing successful, easeful we support women to navigate a lot of the obstacles, the logistic obstacles as well as the emotional obstacles that get in the way of our writing.

We are an all-female publishing company focusing on nonfiction. But we can't just leave it at that. Writing is the fundamental prerequisite to publishing. We spent a lot of time supporting and connecting with women in this writing space.


The Four-Part Creation Process

What I teach in our writers’ circle and those of you who have been around for a little bit are familiar already with this four-part process. It is reflective of the phases of the moon, the seasons of the year. It’s really fundamental. However, it is in contrast to this linear push, push, push, just smash it out and get it done approach. It is quite the opposite actually.

Here I’ll just briefly introduce you to the overarching four-part process, and then throughout the month, we'll be sharing in more detail how to optimize each specific phase to make your writing flow, to feel inspired, easeful & capable of doing it again.


The four phases are:

  • Dreaming and Resting- like winter or the new moon,
  • Planning or Outlining- sort of spring preparation.
  • Do it. Write- smash like this is the smash it out just the right the shitty first draft, get something out. This is summer. This is the full moon energy
  • Revise, reflect, Edit- is the fourth phase sort of fall, pull everything together, prepare for the next resting cycle.

Dream and rest. Plan. Write, Revise.

We're going to be looking at them week by week, this month, in sync actually with the phases of the moon. This is the system. It is a whole new way of thinking and approaching the writing process. But as so many women in our community, keep recognizing and reminding us and coming back to it's not just about writing. This is a whole new way of relating to our lives and the relaxing, cyclical structure is having unexpected transformation realizations and bringing ease and joy as well as success and accomplishment to the women in our community.


I am really looking forward to sharing with you week by week, more specifics of how we use this four-phase process, in the writing in this creation process. It's a very feminine creation modality. So tune in.


I am very much looking forward to sharing how we're using this information to support you in your writing and creation process. As you already know, Red Thread Publishing is on a mission to support 10,000 women to become successfully published authors and thought leaders. We start in this space of creation and also really intentionally not creating more obstacles; not creating burnout, not creating overwhelm.


This four-part process allows for us to do incredible things quite sincerely accelerating our growth without what ordinarily causes some tension in itself. The ordinary sort of traditional linear boom boom boom has its own consequences. This feminine creation cycle builds in all the essential parts. That's why I love it. That's why we teach it and that's why we do what we do here. Looking forward to sharing more about it. So stay tuned. Read up and listen to the other episodes, coming shortly.


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