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With so much information available it is easy to get overwhelmed or get it wrong. Red Thread breaks it down into three simple steps: WRITE. PUBLISH. IMPACT. Countless people need your mission, your message, and your book. Get the right pieces in the right order. Create ease for you in the creation process and clarity for your audience too. Weekly tools & tips to write, publish & have an impact!  

Rest: Cultivating Inspiration creationprocess cycle women's circle write writerscircle writing Mar 04, 2022

4-Part Feminine Creation Cycle: Read/listen to the introduction of this modality

**Note this blog is part of a larger series

Phase 1: Dreaming/Resting

 a feminine creation cycle starts...

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Don't spin your wheels: The best time to design your cover authors cycle marketing publish women's circle writing Feb 07, 2022

So you are at that part of the book process: 

  • You have committed & figured out what you have to say, 
  • you have written a draft, but know it needs more attention. 
  • your sort of...
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Charting Your Cycle cycle identity practice selflove video Dec 07, 2020

 Women come to me often with a similar story. They say, “I don't understand what's going on. I thought I had everything figured out. A couple of weeks ago everything was exactly the way...

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