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With so much information available it is easy to get overwhelmed or get it wrong. Red Thread breaks it down into three simple steps: WRITE. PUBLISH. IMPACT. Countless people need your mission, your message, and your book. Get the right pieces in the right order. Create ease for you in the creation process and clarity for your audience too. Weekly tools & tips to write, publish & have an impact!  

What makes a good author page? authors books forbes magazine marketing new book launch publish publishing red thread publishing thought leadership Jan 06, 2022

What makes a good author page when you read a book, you are giving a gift to the world. You are also establishing yourself as an authority.

The word author is the root of the word AUTHORity.


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Publishing isn't so scary anymore authors books empowerment forbes magazine marketing publish red thread publishing writing Dec 09, 2021

Frances Trejo attended last week's Ready, Set, Publish Virtual Summit.

Here is what she had to share about it:
I have always wanted to write in publish. We’re talking late since I was...
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Red Thread Publishing Helps Authors Get Featured In Forbes authors forbes magazine red thread publishing thought leadership Nov 16, 2021

Herein lies the perfect reason NOT to DIY your journey to becoming an author. 

You have to do it on your own. It's exhausting. 

The who, what, when, where and how pieces don't just start...

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