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Author Interview: The Alkashic Alchemist

authors book redthreadpublishing Nov 27, 2023

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Alleviate stress, find emotional freedom, and tap into your innate ability to create a better world, simply by flowing through the phases of your personal seasonal cycles.

Long ago, we looked to the Earth in worship, learning more about ourselves through the mirrored symbolism of our planet. Our ancestors found power, peace, and harmony in cyclical living: aligning their lives to the cycles of nature.

In modern times, we as a collective are yearning for that kind of freedom and flow in our lives, and the key is right where it’s always been: here beneath our feet. When we give ourselves permission to flow in phases and cycles, rather than continually forcing ourselves to run a marathon sprint, there is no limit to what we can heal, feel, and accomplish.

Using the metaphors of Inner Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer, and Autumn as a guide, The Akashic Alchemist illuminates the soft-spoken power of embracing the seasons of your emotions and how to integrate them into your spiritual journey and healing path.

Readers will walk away with:

  • Deep awareness and understanding of a powerful set of tools for healing, empowerment, and manifestation that’s been yours all along
  • A user-friendly guide to applying those tools to your life right away
  • Permission and encouragement to stop forcing and start flowing in every aspect of your life

Through storytelling, metaphysics, and Earth wisdom, this pilgrimage for the soul illuminates the interconnectedness between you and the magnificent world around you. Returning to the ancient ways of cyclical and seasonal living may activate a remembrance in your soul, initiating a deeper connection between mind, body, soul, and planet.

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Reader Review:

If you're seeking personal growth, healing, and a greater understanding of your own journey, I highly recommend The Akashic Alchemist. It will unlock the power within you and guide you toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The author took me on a profound journey through the seasons, drawing parallels between nature and my own emotional landscapes. It was fascinating to discover how aligning with these cycles can alleviate stress, promote emotional freedom, and empower me to create a better world.

One of the most valuable aspects of this book is its practicality. The guidance provided is not only insightful but also immediately applicable. I found myself embracing the tools for healing, empowerment, and manifestation that were revealed throughout the pages. The author's approach is user-friendly, making it easy to incorporate these transformative practices into my daily life.

The author's storytelling skills, combined with metaphysics and Earth wisdom, create a profound pilgrimage for the soul. This book beautifully reminds us of the interconnectedness between ourselves, our inner world, and the magnificent world that surrounds us. It reawakens the ancient wisdom of cyclical living, deepening our connection to mind, body, soul, and planet.
About the author

Carleena Lara Bregatta is an author, spiritual coach, embodiment mentor and teacher. She teaches people how to return to the ancient art of cyclical living, sharing tools on how to inner resource safety, sovereignty and freedom. Her creative work weaves together modern neuroscience with Five Element Theory and Tantrik Yogic Philosophy for a multi-faceted approach to trauma healing, self empowerment and soulful self discovery.

Carleena is a certified Usui Reiki Master, 800 Hour E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), a certified hypnotherapist & past life regression therapist and holds B.A. of Psychology and M.A. of International Relations. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over ten years and routinely facilitates yoga teacher trainings, reiki attunements, group immersions and retreats across the United States and internationally.

You can visit her at www.carleenalarayoga.com


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