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Cracking the code on Book Profits

book profits red thread publishing Sep 29, 2022
Cracking the code on Book Profits

Red Thread focuses on specific support for female authors all throughout the book journey.

How to make money from publishing?

A lot of incredible women are bringing really valuable things to the table, but have missed the piece about how the value they're bringing, also brings back. If that's a space that feels uncomfortable know that you're not alone, money for a lot of women it's still a very sensitive issue.

The questions we are going to give you today, are going to help you shape the direction before you make all the decisions about Where do we want it to go? What purpose and mission do we want to serve for others, and for ourselves?

Intentions and plans

Let me tell you a story. Before a publishing company, I was a writer, before I was an author, and before I was a woman who wanted to write books. I was focusing on the next step in front of me, but I missed the opportunity to establish myself and say, this is who I am, this is how I help, here's what you need to know, and here's what you need to do to get a little piece of me.

The momentum that you will create for yourself by writing, by publishing, that shouldn't be where it starts; the majority of women who have already published share one common narrative: I put all my efforts into the writing, but then all the effort is put into publishing, so when my book came up I was exhausted.

But it doesn't have to be like that, book marketers said that at least 30% of the effort on a book should be in book marketing. Before you even start writing, you should have awareness of where you are going as a creator and where your readers are. The book is that first step, but there are many steps to follow.

When we start writing we should be thinking about:

-Who are we writing for?

-Where are they?

-When do they need our book?

-What's the transition/journey that our book creates for them and what's the step after that?

Because that's when we wanna make sure that you have some invitation or offer: come to my online thing, take my masterclass online, get on to my email address; the thing is, the journey DOESN'T STOP when the book ends.

How many times have you read a book and you're like: Yes! This person, yes, I wish I had more time with them; so how do you get more time with them? Your book is your soul's calling card, it's gonna outlive you; you need to tell your readers: Here's how I can help you. Do you want this? Here's the cost, it's an energetic exchange, don't miss the chance to offer and serve.

Taking people further is also helping you to earn a living. Whatever offer you have that extends past your book, also lights you up and fulfills your purpose, and there's no reason you shouldn't make a ton of money doing that!

Book sales won't make you rich

Did you know the average sales per book is less than 500? When we are talking about a book we're talking about our hearts, where the writing comes from; our heads, where our publishing comes from; and then our hands are this gift taking action. For each of those stages, we ask ourselves: Why do I do this? Why do I publish?

Here are the most important questions for you to be thinking about:

-Why do you wanna write?

-How will writing this next piece change you?

-How would your readers be changed?

-Who needs your story?


When the writing questions are answered, the next questions are:

-Why do I publish?

-How do I support my audience beyond my book?


Money is never the goal, you can get excited with a number, but you also can get excited about what you're gonna do with it. Would you start a program? Would you start a foundation? Will you get a trip? Will you give them a gift? Will you buy a house? What will you do with it?


Be sure you have other resources

It cost money, and it cost a lot of energy to write and produce a book. In this creation journey there's always risk and vulnerability, and the one sure thing that's gonna keep you coming back after you get stuck or derail WHY you do this, is your deep passion. The WHY is unshakable.

How can your book make you earn

If you have written five books and each of them sells five hundred times, there you go! But here, the question is How do you support your audience to resurface:

-Are you speaking in public?

- Are you changing lives?

-Are you coaching people?

-Are you building courses?

-How are you moving people across the board?

 Think of your book as the first step, not the end, and open up the field beyond that to how you can support your audience BEYOND your book.

So HOW to take your book to the other level? Let's start asking those questions so that your creation and the next piece it's the obvious integration of your book. Let's keep talking about the how, watch our Full Hour Webinar on making sure you are winning from your publishing Journey.


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