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Lovely and Suffering - The Depth of a Poem

beasties identity publish women's circle write May 25, 2021

The stage was empty save for one woman. The room was quiet & there was a moment. There was a moment before this woman opened her mouth 

I'd been listening to people all day. The conference schedule was packed, but I made a point of being in that room when this woman walked on stage, not even knowing what I was in for.

When she spoke it was like the sky opened up.

It was as if she was speaking only to me and yet for all of us.

There was something Universal, something that tied every human together, something that shook beyond my bones, it shook in my soul.


I don't remember exactly the words that she said, I just remember how I felt. My eyes were wet with feeling. I had laughed out loud, nodded with understanding & choked on deep ache.   

 When she walked off stage all I thought was, "yes, more of that."


I met Stacy Dyson in person in Las Vegas in the summer of 2019, back when people do stuff like that.  We were both speaking at a conference & a bond was forged between us.


Her words washed over me like crashing ocean waves. Refreshing & pummeling. 

A friendship built on insignificant moments has burned bright across time & space these past few years.


When she told me she had a poetry collection to publish & she wanted my support, again my answer was, "yes, more of that."


Because there's something something profoundly human about a poem.

Something that transcends logic & life


A good poem just scoops into you, wraps itself around your heart, coils tight, makes you ache, awaken from the depths of your belly, makes you sigh & nod with recognition.

That speaks truth to the hardest things in life, the most tender things in life

the most beautiful things, taking things that should never have to be said because they should never be... 


 a poem is a masterful education on being human.

Stacy Dyson it's one of the greatest living poets. As she tells it she has known since she was five that she was a poet. Whether she liked it or not, a voice rose up within her. For over 40 years this woman has been speaking truth, shaking sense into people with a pen & a microphone.


She's an expert teacher

She brings the craft of communication, words & expression to young people, specifically & intentionally to the poorest school districts. She works with kids, with adults, she works with people to know themselves, to speak their truth, to harness their greatest power-- their own expression.


This collection of poems, title Lovely and Suffering is the result of a year's work during the pandemic, a year's work during a time of extraordinary turmoil, suffering, anguish & change.

It is a year that we all live through & experienced in various ways.

This collection shakes the marrow of your bones & in some ways may weave together the tattered threads where you are still raw from what this years has done to you. These poems can pull you back to yourself.


She says they are uniquely hers, they are of her own experience, but this is where the depth of a poem transcends our uniqueness & unifies us, like no other literary form can do quite so well.


Lovely and Suffering is available. Order your own copy or ask your local library or bookstore to stock it... so that everyone may know the power of a poem. 

An amazing effort & and incredible result. YOU CAN GET THIS BOOK NOW! Go to your nearest library or book distributor (I prefer the local independent book stores-- keepin' it real & supporting local businesses). Ask them to order you*

  • Title: Lovely and Suffering
  • Author: Stacy Ardis Dyson
  • ISBN: 9781955683012 *if you are feeling fancy

This book is now available on most E-book & paperback book ISBN ebook: 9781955683005 Apple Books: ibooks Ebooks.com  Kobo Plus or Barnes and Nobel & Nook: 

She & I had a conversation, on the Story behind the Story author interview series recently, Watch here or listen to the podcast.



Stacy Dyson is a poet, acapella vocalist, playwright who specializes in the life and times of the Black woman.
// Someone has to sing for my sisters. Their lives, loves, philosophy...there are centuries of stories begging to be told. I am lucky enough to be one able to make those voices be heard.//

Ms Dyson has done program design, residencies, workshops, and live
performances in all sorts of places--Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, to name a few-- and all over San Diego.
//The stage is my natural habitat. It is fine to tell your stories, but for me, unless I can vibe, interact with a crowd, my job is only half-done.//

//Mine are poems, stories and music that celebrate/document/declare what it is for me to be a Black woman in this world, what it is to be an artist, how myself and my sisters navigate our lives. No, that way is not easy. But it is often joyous , and always carries the sanity of truth.//

A former Poet Laureate for Imagination Celebration (Colorado Springs) a nominee for Poet Laureate for the State of Colorado. Founder/Lead Poet DragonsWing (Colorado Springs) and CoFounder/Lead Poet for Page to Stage:Womens Words (San Diego ) she is also a Pikes Peak Community Foundation Individual Merit Award recipient, a Colorado Women's Playwriting Festival winner for her play FANNIE'S GIRLS: A 4-1-1 IN -5PART ATTITUDE, and a TEDx speaker.
//It is never, ever about my single voice. So, the shows and workshops are extremely important to me. Especially now, our lives literally depend on knowing how to speak our truth, share our stories, bring thunder and healing with our voices. The workshops are women only because women will say and bring forth deeper parts of their souls when they're surrounded and supported by other women. I have heard stories, confessions,.. Those conversations, those places have to be given due honor. They have to continue.//

Currently, Stacy is working on a tour to promote her newest collections of poetry, LOVELY AND SUFFERING and FOLLOW ME ON THIS.. (Red Thread Publishing). Later this year, she'll be writing a play about sisters and their relationships called AUGUST 5000.

For further information on Stacy Dyson, her voice and vision: WORK WITH HER!!


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