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Author Challenge 7: Create a Book Discussion Guide

authorchallenge book guides weekly author challenge Jul 05, 2024
Title image. Book discussion guide for author challenge 7

Attention all authors! Red Thread Publishing has launched our Weekly Author Challenge, designed to support your journey to author success! Read more
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Create a Book Discussion Guide:

Provide questions and topics for book clubs or readers to discuss your book


Many books have discussion guides to help the reader deepen their understanding of it. Some might be focused on the educational aspect, and others focus on the personal experience and connection with the story. A guide not only helps the reading experience but also helps you as an author to define your brand and strengthen the connection between the book and your readers. It can grow your audience engagement and help broaden the reach of your work. For this week’s challenge, try creating a discussion guide to take your readers through the unique reading experience of YOUR book. Here are some steps and tips you can follow to write it:


  1. Outline the purpose: Is your guide going to be read after finishing the whole book? or is it a companion tool to use throughout the book? Do you want your reader to expand their analysis of your book outwards, around the world that surrounds them and current events, or inwards, around their inner world and their personal experiences and emotions?  
  2. Define the core of your book: Make a list of the main topics and ideas in your book. Think about your main audience and the current context. Write your questions and prompts around said topics and how they relate to your reader.
  3. Listen to your readers: As you did during our challenge #2, check review sites like Goodreads and Amazon and search for comments left by past readers about your book and their reading experiences. Look for common ideas and experiences between them. Are there any questions that stand out as discussion prompts?
  4. Don’t limit the debate: Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. It’s a conversation, not a test. Consider what you want to ask the reader and how you formulate it. Is it a closed question that could be answered with a simple yes or no? Or is it an open-ended question that allows for a more elaborate and critically thought answer?
  5. Make it interactive: For digital versions, you could offer downloadable worksheets or quizzes. Encourage readers to share their insights on social media or your website’s forum, enhancing engagement and generating leads as new readers discover your book. For print versions, consider including QR codes or links to online resources where readers can access additional content and participate in discussions, bridging the gap between offline and online engagement.


Your guide doesn’t have to be over complicated or lengthy, what matters is that it boosts the conversation between readers about your work. When it’s done, sharing your guide through your social media and other author platforms such as Goodreads can grow your visibility and encourage book clubs to read your book. Since you’ll have a specially curated guide just for your book instead of generic questions, it will stand out from other works!


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