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Press Release: New Imprint, Red Falcon Press

red falcon red thread publishing Dec 04, 2023


Red Thread Publishing Unveils New Imprint: Embracing Wisdom and Radical Inclusion in Publishing

[Manchester, Vermont, December, 10, 2023] – Red Thread Publishing proudly announces the launch of its latest imprint, Red Falcon Press: a non-fiction powerhouse devoted to amplifying human stories that challenge prevailing norms and ignite conversations. Embracing the ethos of Wisdom, Radical Inclusion, and Cultural Representation, this imprint is poised to revolutionize the literary landscape.

Red Thread Publishing stands firm in its commitment to providing a platform for voices often overlooked, stories seldom told, and perspectives that spark transformation. With a relentless focus on non-fiction narratives, this new imprint aims to bridge the gap between untold stories and eager readers hungry for depth, insight, and healing.

"At Red Falcon Press, our mission is clear: to publish human stories the world doesn't get yet," said Sierra Melcher, founder at Red Thread Publishing. "Our vision for this imprint is anchored in radical inclusion. We seek to challenge conventional narratives by fostering an environment where authors can share their powerful, authentic stories that have been missing from the cultural conversation."

Red Falcon Press, new imprint, aims to cater to a diverse readership seeking more than mere entertainment in their literary pursuits. The imprint's focus on providing narratives that offer insight, provoke contemplation, and contribute to personal and societal healing aligns with the evolving tastes and aspirations of modern readers.

"We recognize that our readers are craving books that not only inform but also deeply resonate with their experiences," added Melcher. "Our readers want to feel seen, represented, and understood through the stories they immerse themselves in. Red Falcon Press is committed to meeting this demand by curating a collection of narratives that resonate on a profound level."

Red Falcon Press invites authors with unique, authentic, and impactful stories to come forth and contribute to this transformative journey. The imprint beckons writers who aim to challenge norms, dismantle stereotypes, and offer narratives that serve as beacons of empowerment and understanding.

As Red Thread Publishing launches this new imprint, it invites readers, writers, and literary enthusiasts alike to join in this endeavor of reshaping the cultural narrative, one compelling story at a time.

For further information or media inquiries, please contact:

Sierra Melcher

Founder, Red Thread Publishing & Red Falcon Press

[email protected]

About Red Thread Publishing: Red Thread Publishing is a dynamic publishing company committed to presenting thought-provoking narratives that challenge, inspire, and resonate. With a dedication to diversity, inclusion, and the pursuit of authentic storytelling, our newest imprint Red Falcon Press endeavors to reshape the literary landscape by embracing the power of human stories.


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