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Money Rolling in. How do you market your book?

books empowerment identity money publishing Jun 30, 2021

The other day I woke up and checked my email & had these seven messages waiting for me.

Every month, since publishing my first book, I receive this onslaught of messages. I don't even open them anymore because I know what they mean. They mean money has just been added to my bank account! They mean people are reading my books.

The actual dollar amount varies. I used to check it obsessively. Now, when these emails arrive & the corresponding funds are deposited, I just smile. It certainly not enough money to live on but it's always enough money to appreciate.

Earlier, I wrote a blog about how you will not get rich from publishing but the fact that every month money is still deposited into my account from books I wrote several years ago blows my mind. The effort that went into writing & Publishing those first books was incredible. 

Sometimes it's not more than $150 USD total. I love those emails where I get 27 cents from Amazon.EU but the reality is I am continuing to earn money from work I did over a year ago.

You don't write your book because you want to get rich. You write your book because you have a story to tell; you have something you want to teach. You have something you need to share. You publish your book so as many people as possible can have access to that lived & learned lesson, to your wisdom, to your experience, so that it can support others in their journey. The added bonus is that you can get money monthly into your account.


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