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Interview: the raw logistics every author faces

book review books marketing podcast publishing Jul 13, 2021

The Story Behind the Story: Author Interview Series with Sierra Melcher Featuring Shareka Swaby (Episode 13 )

In this episode, Sierra gets to interview Shareka Swaby, her book, “An Introduction to Freedom”, is soon to be released. Sharka, with her manuscript ready, is now in the process of making her next decisions for her book. This real conversation makes us go through the actual raw logistics every author faces in their publishing process.

Join us:

  • The decisions we all have to make as authors
  • Get comfortable with it, the struggle is part of the process
  • Why it can serve you to get external support when you publish
  • Pay attention to details so it won’t backfire
  • How authors make money

Connect with our guest:

TiktokInstagram: Facebook: & her FB Group

Linkedin: Twitter: @SwabyShareka

Watch the conversation on YoutTube

Listen to the Podcast:

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