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authorfeature award May 30, 2024

Celebrating Your Success: What to Do When You Win an Author Award?

Winning an author award is a significant milestone in your writing career. It’s a moment that not only validates your hard work and creativity but also opens up new opportunities for your future endeavors. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to do when you win an author award, helping you make the most of this achievement.

At Red Thread we are celebrating a powerful accomplishment! 5 of our Books have won the prestigious, internationally recognized Nautilus Book Award announce this week. 

1. Celebrate and Acknowledge the Moment

First and foremost, take the time to celebrate your success. This is your moment, and it’s essential to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that brought you here. Share the news with your family, friends, and close associates who have supported you throughout your journey. A personal celebration, whether it’s a quiet dinner or a small party, allows you to savor the accomplishment.

2. Announce Your Achievement

Once you’ve had your personal celebration, it’s time to share the news with the wider world. Craft a thoughtful announcement and share it across your social media platforms, website, and email newsletter. Make sure to include a professional photo of yourself and the award. Highlight what the award means to you and how it recognizes your work. This not only boosts your visibility but also engages your audience, letting them share in your joy.

3. Update Your Author Bio and Profiles

Winning an award is a notable accolade that should be prominently featured in your author bio and online profiles. Update your website, Amazon author page, Goodreads profile, and any other platforms where you have an author presence. A well-crafted bio that includes your recent award can attract new readers and enhance your credibility.

4. Reach Out to Your Network

Your network of fellow authors, publishers, and industry professionals should be informed about your award. Send personalized messages to key contacts, thanking them for their support and sharing your news. This can open doors for new collaborations, speaking engagements, or publishing opportunities.

5. Engage with Your Readers

Your readers are a crucial part of your success. Engage with them by sharing the story behind your award-winning book, what inspired you to write it, and the challenges you overcame. Consider hosting a live Q&A session on social media, or write a blog post detailing your journey. This personal connection can strengthen your relationship with your audience and encourage more people to read your work.

6. Leverage Media Opportunities

Winning an award is a newsworthy event. Reach out to local newspapers, literary magazines, and online platforms with a press release about your achievement. Media coverage can significantly boost your profile and reach a wider audience. Be prepared for interviews and have a few key talking points ready about your book and what the award means to you.

7. Plan Future Marketing Strategies

An author award can be a powerful marketing tool. Use this accolade in your future marketing strategies, including book tours, signings, and promotional materials. Mention the award in any interviews or public appearances. This can enhance your book’s appeal and attract more readers.

8. Reflect & Plan Your Next Steps

Finally, take some time to reflect on your journey and plan your next steps. Winning an award is not just an endpoint but a stepping stone for future achievements. Set new goals for your writing career and explore new opportunities that have arisen from this recognition. Whether it’s starting a new project, seeking a new publishing deal, or expanding your reach as an author, use this momentum to propel yourself forward.

Winning an author award is a remarkable achievement that deserves to be celebrated and leveraged to its fullest potential. By following these steps, you can maximize the benefits of your award and continue to build a successful and rewarding writing career. Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

*If you haven't yet won an award start by learning what awards are available & plan to apply. You can't win if you don't apply.

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