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How to become a best-selling author — fast.  

identity publish women's circle write May 31, 2021

A low-energy investment, high-reward way to start your writing career. 

For years, I dreamt of writing a best-selling book. I typed out pages and pages of writing...only to later let them gather digital dust in my hard drive. Even after I managed to push through and write an entire manuscript, I got totally burnt out trying to find an agent and get the attention of a traditional publishing house.

I talked to a few friends who had traditional publishing deals, and to my surprise, they said they weren’t that keen on it. Listening to their laundry list of complaints was shocking. I realized I needed to change my perspective. I decided to focus on what I felt was most important — sharing stories.

Writing a book can take years. Then, you have to deal with the hassles and compromises of traditional publishing. Or, you have to spend countless hours designing a cover, formatting, marketing, and all the other tasks needed to make a book successful. 

For those of us who want to experience the joy of being a published author without all the stress, there’s the option of contributing to a multi-author book. After writing chapters for three different multi-author books, I discovered it’s a fantastic way to become a published author with more ease and less time than you would need trying to traditionally publish a “solo book”.

What is a multi-author book?
It’s a book created by a community of co-authors. Usually, each person writes one chapter and then the collection of chapters is published in a single book.

So, why would anyone write a multi-author book?

  1. It’s the perfect first step. If you dream of getting published, but have too many fears or not enough time, writing a multi-author book can be an awesome way to get started. You’ll learn about yourself and the writing process along the way, and be better prepared for your future projects.

  2. Becoming a published author is a game-changer. It changes how you see yourself and how the world sees you. Writing a chapter for a multi-author book is arguably the fastest way to become a published author. You can write 2,000 to 3,000 words and become part of a best-selling book.

  3. You can focus on your writing, and forget about the other stuff. At my publishing company, Red Thread Publishing, we do the cover design, formatting, book description, publishing process, and marketing. All you have to do is put your story into words (and if you struggle with that, we have a writing course to help you out).

  4. Two words: Authority Marketing. By becoming a published author, you can increase your visibility and influence. Having a book with your name on it can help you achieve accelerated professional growth. Being a best-selling author has the potential to bring you more clients, more sales, and more respect in your field.

  5. You can reach more people. Writing a book magnifies your voice. When you write with a group of co-authors, all of you will likely share the book with your social circles. Collaboration with a group amplifies your impact. 

Nearly every woman I know says she’d love to write a book, in that “maybe someday,” sing-songy way, like it is a pipe dream. I was her, for ages. The belief that it is hard, takes forever and only the lucky few ever accomplish the dream is outdated and is holding you back. It doesn't have to be yet another unfulfilled dream. YOU CAN WRITE & PUBLISH this year!


Two ways to do this with us:

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