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anthology empowerment mission publishing red thread publishing values Jan 27, 2022

The current question is 

Do collaborative authors earn authors royalties?

The short answer is no. 

Here is the big vision behind that:

We recently put out another collaborative author book, Spark, & Feisty.

It is so exciting to do these projects with so many women. 11 Women contributed to SPARK; 19 Women, wrote chapters for FEISTY; & SANCTUARY is coming out in June. As always happens the question of author royalties comes up. There are a lot of different ways to run a business, as well as a lot of different ways to publish a book.

Red Thread Publishing is on a mission to support 10,000 women to become published authors.

We've made an interesting business model decision deeply rooted in these values. While most of the women we work with have the means to pay for our services and coaching, we deeply understand that not all women can afford our services; (we each have been those women at times in our past.)

In short, our collaborative authors do not earn author royalties. First of all, I will always be the first to tell any aspiring author that book sales are not where you make your profit. For example, an e-book that sells for .99 cents has a profit of 27 cents. We've sold 200 copies of our book this week for a grand total of $76.12. To divide that amongst the 19 women not only is it a little laborious, but it's also insignificant. Rather these women not only become published authors, but they also become philanthropists.


The profit from each of our collaborative author books goes to fund an annual submission-based anthology. We encourage women from all around the world to write a chapter and submit to our panel for selection. The only requirement is that you genuinely cannot afford our coaching and support. Our hope is to publish up to 40 women in this BRAVE NEW VOICES anthology and to support them with the world-class service we offer all our authors. *Apply to the FTFAA (First-time Female author anthology) Brave New Voices.

Our deepest intention is to encourage as well as nurture women to tell their stories and grow into their roles as impactful thought leaders. Having deep pockets does not have to be a prerequisite to this.

It does not happen overnight. The $76 in profit we have earned so far certainly does not cover the publication costs of a book but collectively our collaborative author books overtime will fund this opportunity for women who would otherwise never be able to become published authors thereby changing their lives, their stories, their families, and quite literally the trajectory of their careers.


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