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A Call to Compassionate Activism

Jan 29, 2023

By Adrienne MacIain, Ph.D.

Breathe in the compassionate world we are co-creating. Breathe out all that does not serve us."                                                         

 -Marie DiMenna, Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion: Poems for                                                           Mystics and Activists


Marie DiMenna, an ordained minister in the Christian mystical tradition and a licensed mental health therapist, is calling you to action.

But not just any action: compassionate action.

Living in a country with such a deep political divide has awakened Marie to the need for such action, but also to the importance of focusing on what we want to build together, not what we want to tear down.

"To be honest", says DiMenna, "the Trump presidency really motivated me to focus on the more equitable, compassionate country I long to see".

Inspired by the women's marches in the wake of Trump's election and inauguration, the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis (where she was living at the time) following George Floyd's death, as well as the activism within her beloved mystical Christian community, Marie poured her creative energy into the task of fighting for what she believes in, using her God-given gift for writing poetry.

"Poems have simply landed in my head throughout my life, so I had a bunch of them in a document". explains DiMenna. So, rather than rallying the troops for battle against injustice, she put together a book of poetry to inspire you to journey inward, heal, and rediscover the love that was there all along.

"At first" DiMenna admits, "I resisted writing a collection of poetry because, well, you know the old saying: ‘poetry doesn't sell.’ I had this fear that I wouldn’t have an audience and that people wouldn't be open to what I had to say. But with everything going on in the world right now--the war in Ukraine, school shootings, the economic and emotional hardships individuals and communities face as we recover from the pandemic, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and so much more--this message feels more urgent and important than ever to share with the world. So I had to move beyond my fear, and trust that anyone who needed my book would find it. For me, it's not really about selling books, but finding those who are open to my message."

What is that message, exactly?

"There is hope for a more compassionate world and country and that union and deep connection with God is possible each day".

In addition to all these pressing global events, Marie has a very personal reason for wanting to publish this book now.

"In the past, it never felt like the right time to publish a book, but now feels like the right time. I was ordained in August of this year, so I think publishing this collection of poems ties in nicely with the timing of becoming a priest".

In addition to her newly-launched ministry, Marie has been an active member of a mystical Christian community for the past 18 years, a therapist and social worker serving diverse populations, and has overcome her own significant mental health issues in order to do all of this.

Marie's personal mission is to make sure each child and person has their basic needs met, is safe, healthy, and at peace.

To join her in furthering this mission, please join her online free weekly meditation classes. For more information, please contact Marie at [email protected].

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People recover. We triumph--creating networks of support finding one another in the fabric of community.

-Marie DiMenna


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