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When you can't edit your own work any more

editing writing writingcircle Feb 03, 2022

Does this sound familiar?

"I'm finding it difficult to edit because of the intricacy of weaving in my story with certain Japanese teachings, challenging to make it flow in a way that people are still going to be receptive."

A woman in our Writer's circle community has been endlessly tweaking a manuscript she finished over a year ago.  

Sierra says:

"As the author, you only have to edit so far. Then you say to somebody else 'Great, you take this the last mile because I am so close to this. I can't see it.'

"The reason we focus on the four-part process in writer's circle is to be effectual. Dream, plan, write, edit. Your next iteration needs to be different than your last iteration otherwise you're spinning. You get stuck and exhausted. Don't stay in any one stage too long. It becomes familiar & safe. 

"One of the reasons the collaborative books are so powerful is that you get to walk through the process and know the various stages.  So you are familiar when it comes time to do your solo book. Each time it is still new & scary, but more doable when you are familiar with the process & have a community of supporters to rely on.

Share your writing

because there's only so far we can take our own edits. You can read it 27 more times and maybe 1% improvement and that's not efficient, that's not the best use of your time.

If you're making huge changes, rearranging, and it's big and it's significant then your effort validates a sort of worth the result. But when the effort is high and the change is low, that's when it's definitely time to call someone else in, get a couple of people in the community to beta-read it. Read the blog: Learn how to get the most out of a beta read & what common mistakes to avoid. 

  • you're going to hand it off first to a beta reader or two
  • then you will make the suggested changes
  • Finally, you hand it to a professional editor 

Editors often need a few weeks to get back to you. While you wait is a great time to make progress on your pre-launch & marketing plan. 



Far too often as authors & women we feel we have to do this all alone. I call BS! Do what you can and then remember you are not alone. speed up the process, make it better & more fun by allowing others to help.


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