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Congratulations! You are Published

Jan 25, 2022

Not everyone ever gets to read these words. Yet so many people dream of one day becoming published authors.  

Today 19 women accomplish the dream! 

At Red Thread Publishing, this is the day we live for; the day a woman's transformation really takes hold. We work behind the scenes to support women to tell their stories & polish them.  But it is on PUBLISH DAY when the world starts to see these women differently. Most importantly it is today when she starts to see herself differently too.

Having worked with women for a long time now, I've noticed a trend. When women first come to us interested in writing or publishing there is a common doubt, a common question (maybe said aloud or communicated subtly)

What if I can't?

  • What if I can't write?
  • What if I don't have anything to say or share?
  • What if my story doesn't have value?

Through the process of becoming an author, we guide them to find their voices as thought-leaders and how to own their stories by publishing.

On the other end of this journey, there's a new question filled with possibility. The question is

What else can I do?

  • Now that I can do this, What else can I do?

Is that open space of confidence, and energy that I love to find when women step into this huge transformation, becoming published authors.

It's a large part of why we do what we do at Red Thread Publishing. Today is an epic moment, celebrate these women for risking, for showing up & for being willing to ask what else they are capable of.   

Order FEISTY on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09Q5923Y6

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Authors of FEISTY

  • Hallie Avolio
  • Bethany B. Bagby 
  • Leslie Collins Barber
  • Poet Khan Rass Fiyaa
  • Stacy Dyson 
  • Laura Bonetzky-Joseph
  • Stephanie Galindo
  • Crystal Grenier 
  • Izdihar Jamil
  • Sage Taylor Kingsley
  • Kimberly Jessup Martin
  • Adrienne MacIain, PhD 
  • Tobi Kay Mares
  • Brandee Melcher
  • Sarah Quinn
  • Surekha Raghavan
  • Mimi Rich 
  • Doriana Vitti 
  • Sierra Melcher 

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