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Design Hacks: How to make a 3-d book cover mock-ups

cover design hacks marketing Apr 11, 2022

You do not have to hire a designer to make these for you. 

 Once you have a JPG or PNG of your cover you can make 3-D mock-ups to help your book marketing & social media awareness for your book. 

We have used this free service to make many 3-D mockups. not the cover design itself, just the image of the book... before you can actually take a picture of it. This is great for the early phases of publishing when all the behind-the-scenes are still in progress... but you want to show people what it is going to look like when it is done-- EVEN SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE!


We use http://diybookcovers.com/3Dmockups/# 

Just Click the link

  1. Select the visual concept, chose the template you like
  2. Upload your cover design
  3. Download the 3-D mockup. (I always prefer the PNG version, but you can also download the JPEG if you want.  Hint: the PNG allows me to drop the covers into a canva doc and make the book look like it is sitting on a bookshelf or table etc. 

That is how we made this image and dozens like it. 


It is quick & easy. to make ebook, paperback, and even more with this link. If you like creating and playing yourself have fun with this.  

I recommend our authors to play with this early in the process, sometimes before you have a formal cover design... SEEING is BELIVING. So let yourself see your completed book and then work towards making that a reality. 

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