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Tips for a great cover design

cover design Sep 21, 2022
Tips for a great cover design

Your Cover Design Matters! As much as the idiom warns us not to, people ALWAYS do judge a book by its cover, with this in mind, it is clear that we must pay special attention when choosing who will be in charge of giving life to our cover.

We recommend you design the Cover ASAP, even BEFORE you WRITE THE BOOK if you can! It helps you clarify your project, promote your book & manifest (write the damn thing), remember, Seeing IS Believing.

Before we start, we want to teach you our beliefs:

  1. You do not have to do it alone. In fact, you shouldn't do it yourself.
  2. It is never too early to start designing your cover.
  3. Your book is a gift.

Why shouldn't you do it yourself?

It's never too early to start thinking about the marketing process, so it’s essential that you ask for professional help, and finding the ideal candidate also means you have to ask the Right Questions.

Whether it is a photograph, illustration, or just typography, your cover would let readers know instantaneously, whether this is the type of book they would enjoy.

TIP: Your Book is an Extension of Yourself. Explain your story to your designer so he/she can find the best way to honor your message. Designing a Cover Makes Your Book Real! You will see IT IS REALLY BECOMING A BOOK.

Bring your vision to reality

Now you can begin to SEE your book, bring it from  Dream into Reality, and be sure that something will shift inside you. Once you have created a cover design you are committed to the rest of the process whether that involves writing, publishing, or promoting... THE COVER IS THE KEY.

Inspiration finds those who are enjoying themselves... That 'ain't no joke, and we can guide you through some questions that can help you start your design.

Questions To Answer Before You Start Your Design

The more clarity you have at the outset the easier for you & your designer:


  • Who are you as an author and what is your brand?
  • Does the genre (Sci-fi, romance, horror, etc) have an established style?
  • Where will the book be sold?
  • Will the book cover be used in print, eBook, or both? FORMAT
  • What's the copy? Front and back cover copy (book description), your author bio/photo, blurbs, and endorsements.
  • Graphic information. Include author and publishing company logos, as well as barcodes so the book can be sold in stores.
  • Budget, you & your designer should be aware of the extra costs that can add up during the design process.

You may not be a designer, but you may have accidentally detected some information from reading books... But until you're on the other end, there may be a million little details you never had to consider.

Here are some tips you guys can discuss to make the process smoother.

Best-Selling Cover Design Elements

We know that you have all your

energy concentrated on the design of your cover, you have already exchanged thousands of ideas with your designer and you are in good hands. We want to share some elements that can make your cover the best!

  • A clear title and subtitle.
  • The cover is genre specific.
  • An attention-grabbing focal point.
  • A strong composition with non-distracting details.
  • Intriguing visual elements.
  • Good use of white space.

TIP: If you include an image, start with a concept or scene from the book and create an illustration around it.

Best-Selling Cover Design Elements

While it may seem obvious, don’t forget to include these items on your cover:

  • The name of the author.
  • Title and subtitle Background images and graphics.
  • Blurbs from reviews if they fit into your design.

TIP: Don't forget a spine that stands out if you’re creating a cover for a print book. That's where eye-catching typography can really shine.

Always think of your reader

Readers might not care but they do notice, they make meaning from every aspect of your cover. It is very important to think about creating a seamless reader experience.

Here are some tips to get their attention with your cover design.

  • Book covers need to communicate the correct genre. Time to be creative!

TIP: Before you decide on your cover, research your competitors and look for trends.

  • Typography is very important! The fonts you use should accentuate the meaning of a book’s title and should be easily readable.
  • Details indicate quality. Using a distinct visual style can make your book stand out and make a book cover look professional.

Now you have more tools to get creative with your cover design. Did you enjoy this content? Check out more content about marketing your book where you can learn at your own pace. Check out our DIY Book Marketing course.


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