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Happy endings...

date yourself identity publish selflove travel women's circle write May 24, 2021

Do you Like Happy Endings?

A friend of mine says, all stories have a happy ending, it just depends on where you stop the story. Good point...
I like hard beginnings, happy middles & wise endings, but that is just me, Dyslexic to the core.
Of all the books and consequently the movies that have been made about women changing their lives, traveling the world and finding themselves, to only then find the man they are looking for... This has been so much more fortuitous, dramatic, action packed and glistening with lessons to be learned and rewards for risks taken. Elizabeth Gilbert, eat my dust! I have longed for this moment, thinking that forever I might live in the shadow of Eat, Pray, Love. While I may do all those things, it is not quite for me. And why is there still always the happy ending in a man's arms? Can't the journey and the adventure be enough for a good story and even a good movie? If it doesn't end in a man's arms is it not a valid journey? When will my story be worth writing? Or is it already? PHOTO: Sierra overlooking Split, Croatia, more beautiful than I had though possible. Link to the original.
When you are writing the story you can make it what ever you like... 
Anaïs Nin wrote, writers get to live life twice... once in the doing... and once in the writing... or something like that. 
When you are writing too, you get fresh vigor for living a life worthy of writing about!!! come make the most of the days we have. 
Join me for a week of writing & an adventure you will never forgetCheck out the writer's retreat of my dreams in Cartagena, Colombia. -- I want you to come with me. 

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