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A Game-Changing Tool for accelerated Growth

editing empowerment new book launch practice red thread publishing thought leadership writerscircle writingcircle Apr 19, 2022

Today in our Red Thread Writer's Circle we had some Awesome hands-on transformations.

We started with the core question... of "What is your relationship to change?"


The unanimous reply was some version... of Love-Hate. We love the potential & possibility change brings. And we hate the discomfort of moving out of the familiar experience into the unknown. 

We want to grow and be better. We are becoming women of impact, thought leaders & published authors. We want to be there... but the becoming is fraught! There are so many stumbling blocks. So we dig into our relationship with change. 

I love-hate change too. So much so that I wrote my first best-selling book about it. How Change Really Happens. if you are curious to learn more. 

"We can not control change BUT We can control our relationship to change!" -Sierra Melcher

We have a deep need for integration. This is as true in our writing as in all other elements of life. Reflect & implement our learning. Without a process, a framework, we will live from crisis to crisis. Shitty draft to shitty draft, never getting better... 

...and that ain't no fun! So.

We shared a hands-on practice I call the Integration Framework. 

We are on a mission to support 10k women to become successful published authors & thought-leaders. So, let me share it here with you so that this tool can serve you as it offered such transformation for the members of Circle today. 

I asked, "What did you get from this tool?"

They said: 

  • " I am ready to try again. "
  • "Things aren't so bad."
  • "Put (parentheses) around it"
  • "Allow for grace."

Once you have done the process, share your takeaways from this tool in the comments. We want to know how it serves you... Of course, as always if you have any questions post those as well. We want to hear from you. 


When change feels constant we need a moment to reflect & learn to do it better next time. The more we can integrate the faster we can accelerate our learning, growth & authority... to have the greatest impact. 

So, for this exercise today choose an arena of your life. Maybe your writing or publishing, maybe some element of building or growing your business, maybe it is some element of your personal life you are struggling with. 

Choose ONE> 

Use this tool and walk the process. Then you can use this tool every time. 

Integration Framework:

Take a few minutes and ask yourself the following questions. Keep your answers as brief & simple as possible. 

  1. What happened?
  2. What were the Results? (There are two answers to this. be sure to find each)
    1.  Feel: How I feel about what happened.
    2.  Logistics: What is a rational assessment of the event? 
  3. Summon CURIOSITY: Reflect 
    1. Wins- What worked well
    2. Fails- What did not work well?
    3. Experiment- What, one thing, can I try differently next time.
  4. THEN IMPLEMENT…. what do you need to do RIGHT NOW to support you to have a different/better result next time. Some ideas: mark it in your calendar. Write in your journal. put a post-it on your wall. Use a mantra. The important part is IMPLEMENTING YOUR LEARNING. Don't just reflect, see the mistake and FORGET to implement... That is futile- Not accelerating. 

So ---

How do you feel?  How can this tool serve you...? Do tell us in the comments. 

If you want to join us in the next writer's circle to support your best writing /publishing/business building life join us next Tuesday in Red Thread Writer's Circle

 We play in the Visioning, planning & outlining, Writing & editing ... all the fundamental stages of the creation process. See you there. 

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