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Anthology Launch: Social Media Script Ideas

impact marketing new book launch Mar 13, 2024

Authors often ask, "How to I promote my book launch?" It can seem overwhelming but this is part of the job of becoming an author, letting your existing audience KNOW YOU HAVE A BOOK COMING OUT. 

  • Remember: People are not psychic. 
  • Remember: It takes 7 times seeing something before it registers in our busy minds... so post often. 

Use these scripts to get you started sharing in the days leading up to your book release!


Book Launch Social Media Scripts

For social media scripts for your all-female nonfiction anthology book launch, consider these approaches:

  1. Announcement Post: Excited to announce the upcoming launch of Notes from Motherland: Wild Adventures of Raising Humans, an all-female nonfiction anthology sharing the raw, real stories of motherhood. Stay tuned for more details! #NotesFromMotherland #BookLaunch #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  2. Teaser Post: Get ready for a journey into the heart of motherhood. Notes from Motherland is coming soon, featuring stories that will make you laugh, cry, and nod in solidarity. Stay tuned! #NotesFromMotherland #MotherhoodStories #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  3. Author Spotlight: Meet the incredible women behind Notes from Motherland. Today, we're shining a light on [Author Name], whose story will touch your heart and make you feel seen. #AuthorSpotlight #NotesFromMotherland #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  4. Early Reader: Hear what early readers are saying about Notes from Motherland. #BookLaunch #EarlyReader #RedThreadBooks #mothersday
  5. Countdown Post: Only [X days] until the launch of Notes from Motherland! The excitement is building, and we can't wait to share these powerful stories with you. Stay tuned for updates! #BookLaunch #Countdown #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  6. Sneak Peek: Want a sneak peek into Notes from Motherland? Here's a glimpse of the heartfelt stories awaiting you in this empowering anthology. Pre-order your copy today! #SneakPeek #NotesFromMotherland #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  7. Pre-order Announcement: Pre-orders for Notes from Motherland are now live! Reserve your copy today and be among the first to dive into these moving stories of motherhood. #PreOrderNow #NotesFromMotherland #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  8. Launch Day Celebration: It's finally here! Join us in celebrating the launch of Notes from Motherland. Thank you to all the incredible authors and supporters who made this journey possible. #BookLaunch #NotesFromMotherland #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

  9. Review Request (1-3 days later): Have you had a chance to read Notes from Motherland? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Share your reviews and help us spread the word about these inspiring stories. #BookReviews #NotesFromMotherland #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

Feel free to adjust these scripts to fit your tone and style, and don't forget to include visuals such as book covers, author photos, or quote graphics to make your posts more engaging. *We, at Red Thread, make all these for you & share the links... so remember to download all the pre-made graphics to make posting & sharing easier for you. 


Launch Team

A launch team are people who will help you get the word out, beyond your existing audience... & will help you rank during your launch window by preordering the book at a specific time!


For inviting friends and family to join a launch team, you could use a script like this:

"Friends and family, we're gearing up for the launch of Notes from Motherland, and we'd love for you to be part of our launch team! As a team member, you'll get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, early previews, a special price and the chance to help spread the word about this special project. If you're interested in joining us, comment below or send us a message. Let's make this launch unforgettable together! #LaunchTeam #NotesFromMotherland #RedThreadBooks #mothersday

Members of a launch team typically have several responsibilities, including:

  1. Promotion: Sharing about the book on social media, blogs, and other platforms to help generate buzz and reach a wider audience.

  2. Reviews: Writing honest reviews of the book on retailer sites like Amazon, Goodreads, and other book review platforms to increase visibility and credibility.

  3. Feedback: Providing feedback to the author or publisher on various aspects of the book, such as cover design, marketing materials, and overall presentation.

  4. Engagement: Engaging with the author and other team members by participating in discussions, sharing ideas, and offering support throughout the launch process.

  5. Street Team Activities*: Participating in specific promotional activities, such as distributing flyers, organizing book events, or reaching out to local media outlets.

  6. Spread the Word: Sharing news about the book launch, special events, and promotions with their personal networks to help create excitement and drive sales.

  7. Stay Informed: Staying informed about the book's progress, launch dates, and any updates or changes to the marketing plan.

Overall, the goal of a launch team member is to help ensure the successful launch of the book by contributing their time, enthusiasm, and expertise to promote it effectively.


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