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Leading Women to Change the World

authors book dr. hynd bouhia empowerment red thread publishing Nov 11, 2022
Believe, Act, Lead

By Adrienne MacIain, Ph.D.

"Every woman was born a leader. All she has to do is believe that, and act on it".

Dr. Hynd Bouhia

Dr. Hynd Bouhia knows a thing or two about rising to a position of leadership against the odds. As a little girl growing up in Morocco, she abhorred the poverty that surrounded her, and vowed to help abolish it. She dreamed of going abroad to get her education, a dream her family saw as an impossible flight of fancy.

"Set your sights lower", they told her "the only thing you're going to be leading as a woman is your household".

But little Hynd believed in her dream, and in herself. She took action on those beliefs, and they led her to Harvard, where she got her Ph.D. in Sustainable Development, to the World Bank headquarters in Washington D.C., where she fought on the front lines against her old nemesis, poverty, and finally back to her motherland, Morocco, where she worked with the Prime Minister, built multiple businesses, and created the Believe, Act, Lead coaching method to help women rise into leadership positions at every level and across every sector of society.

That doesn't mean it was easy. There were sacrifices, disappointments, and painful losses along the way, including the devastating forced shut-down and liquidation of a business she'd spent years building.

It was the necessity of navigating through that loss and the process of self re-definition that followed, however, which inspired her to create a simple, repeatable method to help women like herself to unleash their inner leader: Believe, Act, Lead: BAL.

That method became the basis of her internationally renowned leadership coaching business, as well as her upcoming book, Believe, Act, Lead - Your journey to success, wealth, and making an impact.

"My primary catalyst in writingBelieve, Act, Lead was to share my own journey", Dr. Hynd confirms, "I faced a lot of challenges as an entrepreneur and a fund manager and I had to navigate through it all. When I was able to recreate myself and integrate all the knowledge and understanding of mindset and energetics, I was able to create the most effective method to help women level up, create wealth, make an impact and become great leaders".

When women lead, everybody wins, a fact the world is slowly awakening to as more women break the glass ceiling, create incredible wealth in their lives, and stand out as leaders in their field. Yet we still have a long way to go before every woman feels empowered to step into a leadership role within her community.

Dr. Hynd, also the author of African Girl, African Woman: How agile, empowered, tech-savvy females will transform the continent... for good, believes in "a world free of poverty, a world where every young girl and every young woman can grow confident, resilient, tech savvy, and financially free".

To live in that world, however, we're going to need all hands on deck. It's time for women across the globe to rise to the challenge and accept the call to lead.

"Every woman can elevate her life and lead herself to greatness when she is able to unlock the sequence of Believe Act Lead", insists Dr. Hynd. "The book has the objective to ignite that drive in every woman, to help her design a better life for herself, and to find the courage & inspiration to carry on. From a space of love and caring, you can unleash the incredible force you have inside of you and bring magic into your life".

Becoming a leader means leading yourself first. In Believe, Act, Lead, Dr. Hynd lays out the code for self-leadership which she has methodically compiled from her work with women from all around the world and from different levels of education and industries.

"The book will help you believe in yourself and in all the possibilities, take action and do the work by tapping into your genius and reaching excellence, and lead yourself to greatness", says Dr. Hynd.

And what does greatness look like?

"Thriving and doing good at the same time is for all of us and for a sustainable future. Having a strong mindset and using your genius to define a strategic action plan will make you the greatest leader and will help you create a life of success, wealth, and impact".

Are you ready to believe, act, and lead? Claim your free 5-day pass to the BAL Masterclass at https://www.balmethod.com/bal

Dr. Hynd Bouhia has 20 years of experience in development, strategy, and finance, a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Sustainable Development, 10 years of teaching at different universities, and 8 years of experience as an entrepreneur and advocate for women's empowerment and leadership. She is the creator of the BAL method and the digital course, Mastermind, and 1:1 mentorship and strategic advisory program that put it into practice. Learn more and connect with Dr. Hynd at https://linktr.ee/hyndbouhia


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