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Light Up the World

adriennemaclain book review creativeflow genius maya amaele liebermann redthreadpublishing spark Jan 24, 2023
Light Up the World

By Maya Amaele Liebermann

“I believe in a world where all of us feel worthy, connected, empowered, and free to give our authentic gifts and receive real value in exchange.

                       -Dr. Adrienne MaClain


Dr. Adrienne MacIain is on a mission to shape a world where everyone is living in alignment with their creative Source energy. She is helping humans to heal and rebuild our world from its many crises, ranging from the ongoing pandemic, to global war, to the dangerous shifts in our delicate ecosystem -- one creative process at a time.

"For so many people all over the world", she explains, "the pandemic was simply the final blow after decades of forced productivity layered on top of compounded isolation, burnout, and overwhelm. The world is starved for genuine connection--not just with other humans, but with nature, our environment, and our creative Source. How can we hope to solve the world’s most pressing problems if we can barely function in our daily lives?"

Dr. Adrienne is a Creative Flow Coach, and a repeat best-selling Author who has just released her latest ground-breaking contribution to the art and science of Creative Flow: Spark Genius: Creative Flow Unleashed.

Through SparkGenius, Dr. Adrienne offers her hand to help our world out of its poly-crisis by empowering individuals and organizations with her accessible approach to creative innovation.

"In this product-obsessed, assembly-line culture, so many of us have been forcibly disconnected from our innate gifts for curiosity, creativity, and innovation", Dr. Adrienne laments, "We've been led to believe that our worth lies in our ability to make money (usually by making a lot more money for someone else entirely, shareholders and executives we will probably never meet), and taught to ignore and suppress our natural abilities and energetic cycles."

Dr. Adrienne’s work in Spark Genius demystifies the process of inspiration, ideation, and creation by reacquainting readers with their own natural energy cycles. The book lays out a clear, step-by-step path from frustration to playful innovation for all forms of innovation and creation.

"I help creators who have lost touch with their creative spark and are feeling blocked up, burned out, and unmoored," says Dr. Adrienne, who uses Spark Genius to help her readers and clients heal from burnout, reconnect with Source, realign to their creative process, unleash their uniquely valuable energy, and shine as the STARS they are, across every aspect of their life.

This passion for helping people authentically alight from within was kindled by her compassion for those in her personal life. She explains:

"I've watched the people in my life whose gifts are not so easily measured or defined continually undervalue and discount their own contributions and doubt their worth. And it breaks my heart, not just because of the injustice of it all, but because I know it's based on a simple misunderstanding around the concept of genius--what it is, how it functions, and our relationship to it as humans."

"Even people who could be considered--and in many cases have been labeled--geniuses… I've seen how this has affected them, too, the pressure it puts on them to continually prove and perform their genius in ways others expect of them. I've seen it hold them back from taking creative risks and paralyze them with perfectionism and imposter syndrome."

I would like to share with you that I count myself among those with unconventional gifts who have been helped by Dr. Adrienne.

I have learned, and am continuing to learn lessons I desperately need to learn about myself from reading and following the guidance in Dr. Adrienne’s Spark Genius and other books, and from working with her one-on-one and regularly attending her Creative Flow Coworking Club.

Working with Dr. Adrienne has helped me accept myself as a creative, intuitive, innovative person, and to stop seeing myself as a creative failure in life. I had difficulty believing in myself and in feeling I had anything worthwhile to contribute to help make the world a better place, until I received her guidance to recognize and realign to my natural creative cycles and to embrace my "process-tivity" as she playfully calls it.

In my experience of reading and working with Dr. Adrienne's material, her light touch with profoundly meaningful, potentially intimidating topics has helped me feel more at ease, not just with those topics, but with myself.

Her fun way of explaining concepts and providing illustrations makes me feel I can relax into my relationship with her educational material and her personal presence.

For example, she calls herself a "Prophetess of Process-tivity", instead of using a standardized term like "productivity expert."

One of the many things that helped me feel a profound sense of trust and connection to Dr. Adrienne is when she related her own vulnerability and personal creative flow struggles with me as her client. I feel comfortable relating to her on multiple levels, thanks to her honest, open, relatable vibe.

Her example continues to shine the light of inspiration for me:

"I've always felt like a star-shaped peg trying to shove myself into a square hole", desperate to earn the approval of others by transforming myself into someone else's ideal.

"This has left me vulnerable to all manner of abuse, exploitation, and feeling broken and unworthy of love, just as I am."

"To become the person capable of writing this book and embodying the principles within it, I had to do something truly radical, something a lot of the people around me viewed as insane, irresponsible, and deeply selfish: to love and accept myself exactly as I already am, and start prioritizing giving my authentic gifts over all else".

"I discovered the system described in this book and in work with people, by pure personal necessity, and have rigorously tested every exercise both as a participant and as an instructor. This stuff works!"

I couldn't agree more with the way Dr. Adrienne describes her work with people and the world through Spark Genius: Creative Flow Unleashed"This book is a guide back to our natural, cyclical ways of being and creating, a permission slip to re-spark the flame of desire, the internal North Star that leads us to our destiny."

If you long to shift out of "strive" and into "thrive", out of blockage and into flow, this book found you at the perfect time. May it spark you as it has me!


"You deserve to live life lit up, on every level. 

     And believe me: your flame is in there. 

     It’s always been there. Burning bright. 

   Ready and waiting to transform your life, 

        if you’re willing to light the Spark."

       Dr. Adrienne MacIain, 

       Spark Genius: Creative Flow Unleashed


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