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From the Memoirs of a Lonely Nomad

date yourself identity publish travel write May 14, 2021
It is not the ocean this time that enchants me...
for years I have been returning again and again, like a soul pilgrimage, there is something here in Cartagena, that calls to me. I have captured many of these moments in my blog (from my teaching & traveling days-- my pre-kid/single-mom life.)

From the Memoirs of a Lonely Nomad

I have slipped off the virtual map... but i have continued wandering/wondering. now I am back in South America- teaching in Colombia, for the next two years. exploring possibilities and desires. Still just trying to discover what I want from this life and where and how to uncover it. November 2009

Just rereading these snippets from my blog charts the arch of my personal development through my 20's - 30's. I had no idea I was chronicling my growing up and creating a document that would show me how I became myself.
What might you learn about yourself in this magical place.  
I have had a long-standing love affair with this place. It is why, it was a no brainer for me while planning the first Red Thread Writer's retreat...
I had to bring you HERE, to the land of magical realism.
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