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Obstacles Create Opportunities: Integral Women Podcast Relaunch

video Dec 18, 2020

 Hello, my loves.

Welcome back to Integral Women Podcasts. We have taken a bit of a hiatus this year. If you've noticed, it's been a bit of a crazy doozy of a year. I launched this podcast in January of 2020 and by March the circumstances in my life as a single parent having my five year old daughter at home with me all the time really made for some forced opportunities. I had some real close looks at how I was living my life and what was important. I was forced to let some things go. A lot of things I held onto fiercely. This podcast was one off the things that I let go of.

Now that we have settled in and have created a new normal I am eager and ready to get this podcast back up and running for you as a way to connect and support.

In the past six months, in our more or less silence, there's been a lot of growth and a lot of changes for me personally and in the way that I'm showing up for women. I'm really excited to get into that and share all that with you.

I've been working with clients and holding women's circles fiercely for these last nine months. Reopening this podcast spaces is a way to share insight and wisdom to bring the voices of incredible women, including myself, from around the world so that we can lighten the load.

One of the themes that's come up for me a lot this year is learning through adversity. I posted recently in my Facebook community asking the members what were the greatest gift of 2020. We often can think of the challenges but I really wanted to highlight the gift, and I was astounded by the number of responses and the depth of response and the kinds of things that the community have found to be gifts in their lives. There are incredible treasures of gifts and I wanted to draw the connection here for us all to really see the obstacles and challenges not just as obstacles and challenges, but as the invitation for learning and growth; these gifts of which we speak.

As I am re-initiating Integral Women Podcast just wanted to offer you this question to contemplate yourself and to invite you to reflect on this past year, seeking where the obstacles have created learning where the obstacles have offered gifts and opportunities for you.

Starting early in 2020 in the first week, I'm offering a training to support each of you to really set ourselves up for the most success, the most growth and the most potential in 2021. I'd love to invite you to join the training. It's a five day process where we are going to unpack:

  • Why things maybe have not worked for you in the past.
  • How focusing on sorting all the external stuff out has been a hindrance and an obstacle. And it's not serving you, whereas working on the internal stuff can make everything flow and smooth.
  • And finally, I'm going to be teaching in this training what I teach my clients and the women in circle tools and insights to really create more fulfillment and more ease in your life

2021 can be the best year because you are in the driver seat, because of the way you place yourself in your life as a priority.

I cannot wait to share this with you. Join us and Pre-register for that event and stay tuned, we will have many more episodes coming your way soon.

Have a beautiful day!


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