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Wordless and Wordful Writing

books maya amaele liebermann redthreadpublishing wordful writing writerscircle writing writingcircle Nov 03, 2022
Wordless and Wordful Writing

Maya Amaele Liebermann

If I scrunch myself up as small as possible and fit myself into a lumpy little ball will it go well for me?

Will I be happy as a writer?

Will I be happy in my life?

If I scrunch myself up into a shape that does not fit me, for the purpose of fitting in, will it work?

Nope. Not in my writing and not in my life.

The shape that fits me is the shape I can live in and write in.

Is there any separation between my living and my writing?

I don't think so...

Authentic is the way I want to live and write.

No separation between my living and writing, only true connection.

Do I feel authentic in our writer's circle?

I feel genuinely connected to the women in our writer's circle.

We honestly share our experiences of writing with excitement, flow and confidence as well as our writing stuckness, boredom, and doubt.

When our sharing is real, our learning and our writing strength is real to me.

Our writing circle facilitator, Dr. Adrienne, offers guidance that everything we experience has a natural place in our writing life and our whole lives.

I love receiving our writing circle guidance:

You have something to say that is worth writing

You can write what lights you up.

You can enjoy your writing process.

You can write how you want to write.

You can juice up your writing to a flavor that pleases you.


Sometimes I feel wordless. My writing wants to pause and just breathe. That is what Red Thread Publishing founder, Sierra Melcher and our writer's circle facilitator, Dr. Adrienne refer to as the Dream Time.

When I come to the writer’s circle during Dream Time, I feel affirmed in my need for relaxing into the times when my writing process is wordless.

The grip of my hand around my pen can release.

My fingers at the keyboard can relax.

My eyes can rest instead of looking at pixels on a screen or lines upon paper.

Our writer’s circle guides me into Dream Time:

Rest and dream.

Go inward to go outward.

Just be.

Seeds take time to grow.  

Relax, there is time.

You can write when you feel moved to.

It may be time to take a break from writing now.

Resting is essential.

Your writing will come.

Trust yourself.


It helps all parts of my writing process in the writer's circle when we acknowledge our natural movement from an inward dream time into an outward phase of our being and our writing. These are the times when I feel wordful and my writing process is full of written words.

During outwardly wordful times, I experience our circle's messages as guiding my truest writing voice and writing process to emerge:

You can write anything.


Let it flow.

Let it spark.


Everything is within you to experience.


You can write it.

You can organize it.


Everything is within you to observe.


You can write it.

You can execute it.


Everything is within you to learn.


You can write it.

You can release it.


Everything is within you to know.


You can write it.

You can be it.


The essence of the writing wisdom I receive in our writer's circle distills into unconditional writing love for myself and my writing process. It is unconditional support whether I am wordless, wordful, or in threshold space between my inner and outer worlds of words.


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