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Don’t shy away from putting a price tag on your skills

date yourself identity selflove video Jan 29, 2021

In the entrepreneurial world, it is always the question of what you can offer and how much is it for. The competition is higher than ever and lowering how we charge services has become second nature to by any means get clients. However, undervaluing your services or work has held you from realizing and having what you really deserve.

Watch the 13 min video where I get into it

Do you feel fatigued?  Negativity and burn- out as soon as you get your hands on that project you’re working on? If so, take a pause and breathe…The tag you place on your skills is not always about money but much deeper than that.

  • What are you really worth?
  • What’s your time worth?
  • What’s your value?
  • How valuable are your services?

Move away from succumbing to the competition and fear of not attracting enough clients. You are worth MORE. You can have MORE.  Never be afraid to ask for it and thrive!


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