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"Yes, Thank you": A Practice of Receiving.

date yourself practice selflove video Dec 01, 2020

“Yes, Thank you” Practice

Rest is a practice of receiving kindness to yourself, but the olympic gold of receiving is allowing others to offer kindness. It requires two willing participants to receive. I learned this the hard way, for years feeling that no one did anything for me, until I noticed how fiercely I fended off even the smallest gesture. I refused to allow anyone to carry a bag of groceries for me, even when I was overburdened. For years, I closed myself off to the possibility of receiving. No one was allowed to help me. This further drained my energy and fueled my story that no one cared about me.


There is much more to unpack about worthiness, as we have explored already, but try this small practice for the next few days and see how it feels. (Download the tracking tool)

1. Notice where you reject support, help or even the smallest kindness. Watch for offers and see how you react.

2. Once you have noticed some gesture you refuse, or maybe one person you deny, consider an experiment:

3. For three days, watch and listen carefully to yourself.

4. When any offer is issued, no matter how small, try accepting it.

5. Say, “Yes, thank you.” no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

6. This is just an experiment. As such, you need to record data. Record the observations at the beginning and during the process to determine where you are blocking. Each day make notes about what you experience and how it feels. Practice witness consciousness.

7. At the end of three days, review your notes and come to a conclusion. If this experiment isn’t conclusive, try again and widen the scope.

Your capacity to be a loving partner to yourself requires both aspects of the art of receiving (receiving from self and from others). Play with it and see what can be awakened and what can be softened.


The lessons from this chapter will not be in full bloom right away. The intention to integrate all these practices and to balance your vital creative energy is a process in itself. Allow this to be the planting of the seed. Don’t be an impatient gardener. We are building a container of trust that will support you as you flourish, if you allow it.


Download the experiment tracking tool from my free resource vault.

Share your experience in the comments... by sharing your stories you give permission to others to share and learn as well. xo


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