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101 Book Marketing Social Post Ideas

authors book review books marketing May 08, 2022

So you have a book coming out! Awesome congrats. 

How the hell do we let the world know & connect with the people who need the message you are offering? Social media & book marketing is often the bane of authors' existence. 

We want to offer you some ideas. (Image + Text+ # + CTA) is the recipe for any impactful post.

WARNING: Tons of real-life examples from my book marketing & from our authors'

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101 Marketing Post Ideas 

  1. Go Live. OFTEN. Interact with your current audience
  2. ADD VALUE- teach something, give something. People who have found inspiration, or had transformation from you, are sure to come back for more. & EXPAND your REACH to new people too. 
  3. Ask questions related to your topic, initiate connection & conversation
  4. Be a real human. Be yourself. 
  5. Announce that you are writing a book 
  6. Announce PUBLISHING: had a call with a publisher / got a publishing deal/ hired a book coach/ are authoring a collaborative book/ or committed to self-publish! 
  7. Share the writing process: the ups & downs
  8. Editing & revisions- drafting & rewriting
  9. SAVE THE DATE: your publish date
  10. Cover selection process: most designers will give you 3 designs to more to choose from. You can ask your audience to VOTE
  11. Cover reveal posts
  12. Story posts: about how this idea came to you.
  13. Story posts about the process of writing the book
  14. Behind the Scenes: 
  15. --Writer's retreat/ your favorite coffee shop or place to write
  16. --Picture of your desk/or where your process occurs
  17. Record igtv about your book, topic, the process
  18. READ a powerful paragraph (record)
  19. MEME powerful quotes from your book or recent podcast
  20. Preview of any additional resources, free downloads, audio or anything interactive within the book.
  22. Show up as the EXPERT/ THE AUTHORITY that you are. Make sure it comes across clearly in your regular messaging. You deserve to be in the light.
  23. Quote yourself NOW, Not others
  24. Share headshots/photoshoot
  25. Share your mission: message & purpose
  26. Host webinars, free trainings, workshops & share what people are saying about it. 
  27. Post client wins + client journey transformation stories in the four-part story format. EXAMPLE Posts: she was ____. she did____. now she's here____. Here's why you need to know____.
  28. Share reader transformation in a similar format so on EXAMPLE Posts: ___read my book.  they were looking for/struggling with ____. They did these exercises or practices. Now they are here _____. Here's why you need to know _____. If this is you this book can help you have similar results.
  29. For each media feature: BLOG/Article/Podcast/Radio spot/speaking gig/
  30. a post celebrating that you've reached out to someone. They are called influencers because they can help you INFLUENCE & reach your audience. If you don't tell them what you are about, and how they can help, they are not likely to seek you out... not yet. So give them a chance. 
  31. celebrating that you've booked an interview or a podcast,
  32. post when you've recorded the podcast
  33. & two to three posts. Once it's available, a story post saying "what I share in this interview, and why it's so important"
  34. Remember EVERY piece of content can be turned into OTHER CONTENT. The 1:5 rule. An interview can become an image post, a story post, an audio clip post, a video clip post, a blog, etc.  
  35. It is ok to share the face-down moments, the doubt, the struggle & the truth of your process & your journey. Noone really wants just the happy stuff It is ok to be real. 
  36. Request your community to join the LAUNCH TEAM: 
  37. Announce your preorder date
  38. Pre-launch offers if the pre-launch offer has multiple parts:
  39. Testimonials for each of the things being offered.
  40. Pre-launch offer goes out 10 times. not just on your platform, shared on other relevant audience platforms to connect with OPC (other people's communities.)
  41. Book blurbs and praise early reviews
  42. Even hearing back from someone saying they cannot review your book links your name with their name.
  43. When an influencer agrees to review your book, also ask them to promote your book on their platforms. Reshare any of those posts!
  44. TRUE STORY: Every time I heard back from a book blurb request with a yes or a no, I took a screenshot of it and made a series of posts celebrating that I was showing up, hearing back from people and that absolutely incredible people were emailing me back. Even if just to say "no I'm sorry. I cannot review your book." 
  45. 3-d mockups of your cover, ebook, and paperback or audio
  46. Make pretty graphics for your book. Use Canva or we have a professional designer (but I still love Canva & swear by it. Just be warned, you can lose time in there.)
  47. If you're going to do that print an early author proof. So you have a physical book you can hold.
  48. Pictures of yourself with the book.
  49. Make reels: flipping through the book,  opening the book, &engaging with the book.
  50. Take the author proof with you everywhere. In case you find a cool coffee shop or appropriate background
  51. Pose for a selfie with your book everywhere.
  52. Share Website updates
  53. Write & publish articles in reputable place: Meduim, Huffington post, ThriveGlobal, Elephant Journal, etc
  54. Share your author page.
  55. Ask people to follow your Amazon Author Page (here's mine, as an example)+ click the Follow button.
  56. Have those hashtags in every single post you ever make your book.
  57. Tag influencers and relevant people in your posts, so they can be aware and possibly reshare as well.
  58. AS soon as PRE-order is LIVE:
  59. Bask in that glory as soon as your book is available on pre-order, or for sale on Amazon,
  60. Begin to watch the book rankings.
  61. Take frequent screenshots **especially when you get the number one banners on your title page or book page. Scroll down. Take pictures of your book ranking.
    1. Click those links and take pictures of your books anytime they are in the top 10 especially the top five, and of course, any number ones. ** ave those forever. Amazon updates its rankings hourly. So be paying close attention you don't want to miss it. (Each of those is at least one post.)
  62. **Note each country's Amazon page has different rankings. So if you have a concentration of readers in another country, check those rankings as well.
  63. The Day the book comes out and ever after:
  64. READER SELFIES: asked readers and friends to pose holding your book
    1. post that picture on social media
    2. tag you and red thread publishing
    3. reshare those posts
  65. Aim for 100 reader selfies.
  66. Once your book is published:
  67. CELEBRATE & share your accomplishment 
  68. Ask readers to leave reviews (Amazon: get the direct link to your book & Goodreads) 
  69. and pictures in their reviews on Amazon.
  70. Each review you get is a post. Celebrate!
  71. Thank your readers and reviewers
  72. Screenshot each review ask other readers to review your book &to post it on their social media tag you and red thread publishing
  73. The goal is 100 reviews or more 
  74. Ask readers for video testimonials, 30 seconds -one minute. What did you think of this book? Upload it to Amazon with your review.
  75. LINK Video reviews social media. tag you and red thread publishing
  76. Reshare all posts: You don't have to market alone!
  77. We will share: hint tag @redthreadpublishing in all of your posts that we will reshare for you. Have one hashtag or up to three hashtags for your book.
  78. Teach your audience (esp your super fans) how to support you. This post has be shared and reshared. Don't assume anyone knows any of this stuff. ** So many people don't know how to leave a book review!! seriously. HELP THEM- Make it easy for them to support you. Win-win.  
  79. TAKE IT OFF AMAZON & into the real world
  80. What are you into? Coffee, tea, beer, dancing, nature, DO THAT & share it with us. We want to see you & your book in their natural habitat. This is mine:
  81. Invite readers to go to their local bookstore and order your bookstore there. Ask the bookstore to order a few more copies.
  82. Approach all of your local booksellers and libraries possibilities of doing a reading or workshop, or book signing.
  83. If you secure a book signing or reading, be sure to put out a press release
  84. The press release is a social media post. & the clipping
  85. Take a picture of yourself at a bookstore, if they agree that's a social media post. Even if they don't... I am an advocate for sharing it all NOT JUST THE WINS. But the wins are certainly nice. 
  86. Take pictures at the event that has countless social media posts. Take pictures of you with readers, signing books, standing in bookstores, looking like a goddamn author. 
  87. If there are exercises and practices tools in your book, consider recording a video of you teaching the practice doing the practice sharing the practice with someone else.
  88. Do this for fellow authors: Lead by example & have a community ready to do the same for you! (for folks you know & folks you admire. You never know where a genuine bond will develop.
  89. SAVE THE DATE: Launch Party INVITE
  90. If you host a launch party post invite, celebrate & document. Share Repeat 
  91. SWAG: do you have any fun book stuff? We want to see it.  
  92. If you order a box of author copies, make a video of you unboxing your author copies.
  93. When people order paperbacks autographed from you, make a reel
  94. --autographing them, or writing dedications
  95. --packaging them
  96. --heading off to the post office etc.
  97. Imagine 100 reader reviews is potentially 100 posts
  98. Request members of our author group to do this in their social media. Reshare those. Schedule these posts ahead of time, especially around launch week. So that you can do other things. Right! 25 readers photographs. 25 posts --25 Other people praising your book +posting about it on their social media. Repost every one of those.  You do not have to do this alone.
  99. Keep the conversation going.
  100. Apply for book awards- post about applying & winning! Win or lose, you have something to say, to stay in the conversation. 
  101. Book CLUB- get yourself selected, offer to be a guest speaker, and get in front of your people. Meet the author events are great. 

So now you have some ideas!

I honestly was only gonna do 90 of these, because we teach a 90-day marketing plan (90days before & with a different focus & intent 90-days after Publishing) (that actually is much more lean & simple than this) BUT I had all these right off the top of my head...

If you took YOUR TOP 10 FAVORITE for your current phase of publishing... AND ONLY DID those kinds of POSTS for 3 months YOU WOULD STILL BE GOLDEN!



I WANT TO KNOW: Your thoughts, feedback & how you will use this. Share & repost this to other authors you know who are baffled by social media. Honestly, I was too, for the longest time. But it doesn't have to stay that way. 


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