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5 Tips to Market your Book

marketing Sep 14, 2022
5 Tips to Market your Book

It might surprise you, but marketing your book starts long before the book hits shelves.

Let's clarify some important aspects before you start your marketing plan. Our authors ask so we put together a quick tool for some of the most important concerns. But don't worry, marketing doesn't have to be hard. We are here to teach you how & answer those questions in your mind right now.

At Red Thread we ensure your positive author experience (as you learn and grow) through clear and simple systems to create high-quality final books and a powerful personal transformation.

Before we start, we want to teach you our beliefs:

  1. Book marketing doesn’t have to be hard. (but you do have to stick with it)
  2. Book marketing doesn't have to be sleazy.
  3. You do not have to do it alone.
  4. Book marketing is about getting your book into the hands of the people who need it.
  5. It is never too early, or too late to market your book.
  6. Your book is a gift.

Is it really necessary to think of a marketing plan from the ideation stage?

Yes! The formula for a book to be successful and we want to share it with you:

A successful book = 1/3 Writing + 1/3 Publishing + 1/3 Marketing.

Yeah, you're reading it right, marketing, so our advice is to make sure you start thinking of how you are going to show up and let your book be seen.

  • Start now! Wherever you are in the writing process, it is never too soon to start thinking about the marketing process. Read our blog on 101 social media posts to promote your book (it ranges from before you start writing until a year after you publish).

So, how do I start?

By taking the right steps at the right time, it is important for you to create a strategy. Most self-published authors start by telling friends about their book, creating a few social media posts, and then just leaving it there's no surprise that sales are so dismal.

The first thing we want you to know is that marketing doesn’t have to be difficult! no matter what stage you are in, you can learn the essentials to successfully market your book whether:

  • you've already written and published it
  • you are stuck with writer's block
  • you are still in ideation mode
  • especially if you are staying up late reading every Pinterest post that exists on how to market your book & still aren't getting results.

There are so many fun ways to get seen. But it can be stressful digging through all the advice to find a system that works for you. It is true for both new authors and experts, trying to create impact.

What do I need to get started with my marketing plan?

A smooth, stress-free launch requires a well-thought-out plan. Your first priority should be to define your target audience correctly & how to identify with them

Ask yourself

  • Who are my readers? What is my book's genre?  WHO
  • What are my readers struggling with? WHAT: PROBLEM
  • What value does my book offer? What solution do I offer? WHAT: SOLUTION
  • How do I get my readers from problem to solution, (Reader Journey) HOW

Remember your mission/your purpose. WHY are you writing/publishing?

Enjoy this process. If you struggle here, ask who stands to lose the most if they don't hear about your book. Your message is a gift offering value so Go get´em.

TIP: Discover the websites, social media groups & blogs that your target readers frequently visit (& WHEN is the best time to post). This will allow you to be clear about the channels you should use to promote your book. WHERE

Now concentrate your energies on getting their attention on the channels you have defined:

  • Your cover needs to speak to your target audience and hook them at first glance.
  • You are not real until you are on the internet. People will expect to find your author page or book landing page on your website.

What are the essentials of a marketing plan?

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Start early.
  3. Map out your goals & strategy for reaching them.
  4. Don’t try to do it all yourself.
  5. Don’t try to do it all overnight.
  6. Show up in ways you are comfortable with & grow into ways less familiar.
  7. Schedule as much ahead of time/ automate when possible.
  8. Be Consistent.
  • It's all about the hype: launch a team, email your list teasers, and plan live + virtual events.

You are not alone. Do not market your book like you are.

Assuming you have not yet published: Assemble a Launch Team in advance. You do not have to do this ALONE, their marketing actions will provide you with inputs for your potential buyers. Invite people to read, leave a review and share on social media, send out early reader copies, get them in action, they can help you hype it.

Start with your existing community: Clients & launch team.

Friends & family might make up your launch team, but they are probably not really your ideal reader. So don´t get confused or discouraged.

Grow your audience

Now that you're more aware of the importance of defining your marketing plan. Do you want to know more? We have two options: If you like to learn at your own pace, check out our DIY Book Marketing course. If you are needing more in-depth experience that covers not only book marketing but the essentials of building a brand, a business & how to optimize buzz consider our Business Impact Incubator. (It is a 3-month immersion you can take twice to ensure once your book comes out you can triple your investment!)

Get everything ready and Go get´em

The final stage is Advertising. (We are not covering paid ads in this article). You want your book to get into the hands of as many target readers as possible. You first rely on your existing audience, but you want more people to read your book. So here are some human/free ideas:

  1. Partner with other authors or entrepreneurs who share an overlapping audience but are not direct competitors.
  2. Grow your audience by being in the media, podcasts, be a featured guest in other people's communities.
  3. Ask your launch team to share on their platforms too.

If you do want to invest in ads please reach out to us. We can recommend how. Most people who try to manage ads themselves, especially new authors waste lots of time, money and have very little to show for it.

Most people buy on the recommendations of others: you need book reviews for social proof! Ask readers in the text of your book to leave a review. Add a direct link or QR code to make it easy. Remind your launch team to leave a review too.

A well-structured marketing plan can build an aligned brand and serve your audience to bring about meaningful change, plus drive profit & impact! 
Now you have more tools to define your marketing plan. Did you enjoy this content? Check out here our new Marketing Masterclass Series incubator, and learn how to build your business, optimize media and position your book for ongoing success.

Keywords and categories are critical for positioning your book online, but also a well-crafted book description. (We help our authors with this research & crafting bullet-proof copy for your book description, but if you are working on your own, be sure to pay attention to this.)


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