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Mastering Success: The Essential 90-Day Marketing Plan for Aspiring Authors and Authorpreneurs

impact marketing Nov 30, 2023

Dear Aspiring Authors and Authorpreneurs,

Congratulations on creating your literary masterpiece! Now, you stand at a crucial juncture—marketing your book to ensure it reaches the audience eagerly awaiting its arrival. Crafting a comprehensive and strategic 90-day marketing plan can be your secret weapon in propelling your work into the hands and hearts of your readers. Let's dive into how you can create a roadmap for success.

Setting Clear Goals and Objectives

Begin by outlining your marketing goals. Are you aiming for a certain number of book sales, building a dedicated readership, or establishing your author brand? Define measurable objectives to track your progress effectively. Specific, achievable, and time-bound goals will steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Understanding Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is fundamental. Conduct thorough research to comprehend their demographics, preferences, and interests. Identify where they spend their time—whether it's on social media platforms, book clubs, or specific forums. Tailor your marketing strategies to engage with them effectively.

Leveraging Multiple Marketing Channels (that you enjoy)

Diversify your marketing efforts across various channels. Consider social media marketing, email newsletters, guest blogging, podcast appearances, or collaborations with influencers and book reviewers. Each channel offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential readers. Experiment and identify which platforms yield the best results for your book.

Crafting Compelling Content (Your Book is Content)

Content is king, even in the realm of book marketing. Develop engaging and valuable content that resonates with your audience. Create teasers, excerpts, behind-the-scenes insights, or captivating visuals related to your book. Consistency and quality in content creation will build anticipation and interest around your work.

Implementing a Timeline with the Eisenhower Matrix

Utilize the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize marketing tasks based on urgency and importance. Allocate time efficiently by categorizing activities as:

  1. Do First (urgent and important),
  2. Schedule (important but not urgent),
  3. Delegate (urgent but not important),
  4. or Eliminate (neither urgent nor important).

This method ensures a focused approach to executing your marketing plan.

Tracking and Adapting 

Regularly monitor the performance of your marketing strategies. Track metrics like website traffic, book sales, social media engagement, and newsletter open rates. Analyze what's working well and what needs improvement. Be flexible to adapt and refine your plan based on the insights you gather.

Crafting a 90-day marketing plan empowers you to navigate the complexities of promoting your book strategically. Remember, consistency, adaptability, and persistence are key ingredients for success in the ever-evolving landscape of book marketing.

Plan the Quarter (ONCE). Repeat all year-long. Tweak & improve as you go. 

90-Marketing Best Practices

  • Have a theme for each month (3): Red Thread Example: Write. Publish. Impact
  • Add value: teach/ share/ offer be generous
  • Keep it simple: Start with one post per week. That is a total of 12/quarter. You can absolutely do this!
  • Choose one channel for a full year (you don't have to be everywhere. Just be where your readers are)
  • Be intentional: What is important to share? What is noise? 
  • Use your book as inspiration: *don't reinvent the wheel. repurpose the content you worked hard to write the first time. 
  • Consider: 
    • book reviews
    • testimonials
    • quotes from your book
    • book events/ speaking/ podcasts  

Check out our Free Resource Vault** We have a methodology we share with our authors.

Your book is a gem waiting to shine; let your marketing plan be the guiding light that leads it to its deserving audience.

Best wishes on your marketing journey!


Sierra Melcher, Founder of Red Thread

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