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Who Needs Your Message: Understanding Your Ideal Reader

creationprocess writing May 03, 2024

Crafting Your Message for Your Ideal Reader

As an indie nonfiction author, your message is not just about what you want to say but also about who needs to hear it. Understanding your ideal reader is key to crafting a message that resonates deeply and drives meaningful engagement. 

Our authors are learning to Identify three key components as they outline, draft & revise their manuscripts. 

  1. Identifying Your Ideal Reader: Your ideal reader is more than just a demographic. They are the person who needs your message the most, who will connect with your words on a profound level. They share your values, experiences, and interests, making them the perfect audience for your book. By identifying your ideal reader, you can tailor your content to meet their needs and create a more impactful message. Who Needs Your Message? 

  2. Understanding Their Journey: Your ideal reader is on a journey of their own, seeking answers, inspiration, or knowledge. They may be facing challenges or seeking to improve their lives in some way. Understanding their journey allows you to position your book as a solution, guiding them along the path to transformation. As the author you want to craft a transformational Reader Journey for them. I illustrate this in simple terms moving them from A to B. not A to Z your book needs to have a clear focus so keep it simple & clear. **See my incredible art work to demonstrate this. What is your Readers journey/Transformation? 

  3. Addressing Their Needs: Your ideal reader has specific needs and desires, which your book can fulfill. They may be looking for information, guidance, or inspiration, and your book can provide that. By addressing their needs directly, you can create a message that resonates deeply and inspires action. What does your reader THINK they Need? this may vary slightly from what you believe they need... so ask the question again. What does the ideal reader think their transformation should be. Where do they think they are stuck & what do they think they need?)

Moving Forward: As a nonfiction author, your message has the power to change lives. By understanding your ideal reader, you can craft a message that speaks directly to their needs and drives meaningful engagement. Remember, your words have the power to inspire, educate, and transform—so make them count!

As you are drafting & revising return to these questions periodically to ensure you are meeting your reader where they are first, then moving them to where you know they can be. 

We hope this blog post has inspired you to think more deeply about your ideal reader and how you can craft a message that truly resonates. Remember, your ideal reader is out there, waiting to hear your message—so make it count!

The above is a summary of last week's Story Incubator Writer Circle Session. The participants are drafting their nonfiction manuscripts in the 6-month container we provide. Learn more & join Story Incubator. Or try Writer's Circle (first 2 weeks free).

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